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Most of the headwear today is historically accentuated.

We differentiate between four different types.

Summer hats

These hats are produced out of ribbon or similar materials.

Because of this the hat is usually only one-coloured. Nevertheless, it is very popular by the women.

Today, the stewardesses at Lufthansa proudly wear the Pilbox.

Forage caps

The elongated headwear can be sewn out of usual uniform fabrics.

For the decoration and beautification we use Soutache, piping, embroideries and tassel straps.

We do the structure of the decoration according to customer’s wishes.

Forage caps are today still worn by the military units in Europe.

Very beautiful and colourful forage caps can be found in the Asiatic region.


Berets are often knitted products out of high-quality wool.

Synthetic parts are partially used in the knitted fabric.

The beret is produced with an inner lining, a correspondent drawstring as well as an end, mostly out of leather.

In order to include the beret emblems, supports and covers are put inside.

This way, the Belgian and German army have berets of very high quality in daily use.

Peaked caps

This is a classical type of headwear and is today still used all over the world.

Normally, uniform fabrics and newer materials are combined.

A typical peaked cap is made out of many different elements.

This way, the look can be accentuated with e.g. hand-embroidered peaked caps or cap badges.

Metallic buttons and cap bands are also possible.

Chin straps are also very often used here.

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